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Why SizeGenetics is My Favorite Penis Extender


You hear about all sorts of ways to make your penis bigger that you probably don`t know anymore what to believe – or what sorts of methods actually work. One particular technique that just emerged in the market is penis extenders which are actually a type of penis enlargement device. This is a method of penis enlargement which uses a certain apparatus to achieve results.

Why SizeGenetics

Out of the 27+ penis enlargement products that I have reviewed and tested, the “SizeGenetics™ penis enlargement device was without a doubt my first best choice. Penis enlargement devices are the only 100% approved penis enlargement method by the medical community and there are various medical trials that have consistently proven their effectiveness for permanent penis enlargement.

What Are Penis Extenders?

A penis extender is a lightweight device that is worn on your penis while it is in a limp position. Technically, this device is supposed to stretch your penis slowly with the use of screws that can be adjusted when you want to increase its length. For it to work efficiently, it is recommended that this device is worn for about 5 to 8 hours a day. It is said to be painless and can be worn under your pants without it being noticed.

The way penis extenders work is by allowing your penis to adapt to the length of the extenders. This is derived from the principle that the human body is designed to adapt to the environment. So with the extenders lengthening the penis, it is expected that the penis will respond to the traction leading to an increase in penis size. This result is achieved by the device slowly stretching and lengthening the penis which causes the cells to grow in the end making the penis larger.

Due to its popularity and success, the SizeGenetics device has also received worldwide media endorsements from major media groups including the BBC and Channel 4. On Channel 4’s Extreme Male Beauty (in the UK) journalist Tim Shaw investigated penis enlargement methods and managed to get a 1/2 inch gain to his penis in just 2 weeks. Just visit the site to see the full video proof.

Pros and Cons

The downside to penis extenders is that you will be wearing this device under your pants for most of the day. So every time you need to urinate, you have to remove it and put it back on. Also, you have to ensure that the product you purchase is comfortable and painless as it will be difficult for you to endure uneasiness with this device. Also, since this is a slow process to increase your penis, growth won`t be noticed until 3 or even 6 months after you start this program. This means that you will be wearing that device for about half a year and the maximum length you can gain is only up to 1.5 inches.

SizeGenetics offers you a genuine solution to your penis problem once and for all – use the SizeGenetics device and permanently add 3 inches to your penis length and girth according to

Benefits of SizeGenetics

  • Add extra inches to penis length and girth
  • Last longer during sex and orgasms
  • Rock hard erections


You can be sure that you will increase your penis size (2-4 inches) using a penis enlargement device, but remember that not all products have the same quality and not all of them deliver what they promise you.
For me, the most important thing is that you get the gains you are looking for without putting your health at risk. When purchasing a penis enlargement device it is very important that you choose the right product. That is why I recommend the SizeGenetics device because I have personally tested it and had positive results according to