Male Edge Pro

Male Edge Pro Review: Why It Works

Male Edge is a penis enlargement device. It is not a pill that you take or a procedure or a set of exercises. It is a device that is worn on the body and that provides you with an increase in size that is going to be definite and that is also going to be permanent, which is something everyone will be interested in.


The reputation of the company that has developed Male Edge is without a match. Namely, it is a company which is an offshoot of the company that developed the first penis extender device – the Jes Extender back in 1995.

This Danish company has been working constantly on a way to improve their original design and Male Edge is the result. It allows more force to be applied to the penis without compromising the safety. As a result of this, you get better results than with their previous model, which was in itself the best penis extender on the market. Effectively, this makes Male Edge the ultimate solution on the market according to

How It Works

Male Edge delivers the increase in the size of the penis by applying force to the penis. This force comes in the form of traction or stretching if you prefer it this way. Namely, your penis is constantly being stretched using a carefully designed amount of force.

As a result of this, new cells are created and the penis gains in size. This increase is definitive and it has been proven by a number of independent studies which have shown that the penis can grow to anywhere between 2 and three inches, which is more than substantial. The penis can also increase in girth, although this increase is not that dramatic.


You need to remember that this is a slow and gradual process. Namely, you will need to wear the device for at least 6 hours per day for at least half a year. The process of stretching and creation of new cells is a gradual one and this had to be done in this way so as to avoid any damage being done to the penis. It is therefore important that you stick with the regimen and that you do not quit after a few months or even less.

The good news is that v was also developed in such a way that it is comfortable to wear and that it can also be worn under your regular clothes. This way, you can even wear it to work.

Your Male Edge also comes with an exercise routine that you should observe if you wish to achieve the best results. In addition to increasing the size of your penis, these exercises will also improve your erections and your overall performance. However, this is not all. Male Edge can also be used by men suffering from the curvature of the penis, or Peyronie’s disease as it is called in the medical circles.

There have been studies done and they have proven that the use of Male Edge can correct the curvature by as much as 90%, thus alleviating all of the symptoms, such as shortening of the penis, occasional pains and erectile issues that sometimes occur.

Male Edge versus Penis Enlargement Surgery

For a long, long time, the only proven effective way to enlarge one’s penis was to undergo penis enlargement surgery. Even though it is one of the most recent surgical procedures to be introduced, for a long time, it was still the only way to do this and actually achieve some results. However, since penis extender devices were developed in the 1990s, men who wish to increase the size of their penis have been introduced with another option. In this article, we are going to compare these two options and tell you their upsides and their downsides.

First of all, there is the price. Everyone is interested in the prices of these two options and when you compare how much money you are going to spend on these options, it is quite clear that Male Edge is definitely the way to go. Namely, penis enlargement surgery is very costly. All surgery is costly, but since no insurance is going to cover the costs of penis enlargement surgery, you are left to pay the whole bill, which will amount to thousands of dollars. On the other hand, you can get Male Edge for less than a fraction of that cost, even if you get it at the worst prices you can find.