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Jes Extender Review: How It Boost Penis Size

In this article, I review the Jes Extender. For years, generous women have been claiming that “size doesn’t matter.” What they really should be saying is, “size isn’t everything.” Yes, even Jes Extender a Solution for Sexual Inadequacy if you have a very tiny penis, you can still sexually please a woman. However, you will probably have to work very hard to please her. For men with micro penises (less than four inches when erect), you may even have to get creative and bring toys into the bedroom.


Jes ExtenderOn the positive side, men with small penises are often more attuned to the needs of their lovers. This is because they have to spend so much time thinking about whether or not they are meeting their lovers’ needs. Simply put, men with small penises can’t afford to be selfish.

There are a lot of tips for becoming more adequate in bed with a small penis. Men with small penises should always spend more time on foreplay to make sure that their partner is fully aroused before penetration. Then even your small penis will feel great. It is also important to understand the physiology of the vagina. The vagina is normally just about 3-4 inches deep. During arousal, the vagina becomes a few inches deeper.

During arousal, when the penis is put inside, the vagina flexes around it. Then, it will adjust to the shape of the penis. You can use this to your advantage by first inserting a finger into the vagina. The vagina will adjust to the size of the finger. Then, when you put your penis inside, your penis will feel bigger – at least for the first few moments. Men with very small penises may need to find other ways of causing climax in their lovers, like oral pleasure or sex toys.

Obviously, it is possible for a man with a small penis to please his lover – it just takes a lot of work. You can make the job of sexual adequacy a lot easier on yourself by increasing the size of your penis according to

Clinically Proven Penis Traction

Jes Extender uses the clinically proven method of traction extension to cause new cell growth in the penis. Just like with body building, Jes Extender will provide a workout for the penis and gradually cause growth. Men who follow the Jes Extender plan will be able to get average gains of 28% of length and 19% of width.


Once you have a larger penis, sex becomes a completely different experience. Men with small penises are usually only able to provide stimulation in certain positions. With an extra inch of length and girth, you will be able to better stimulate the clitoris and vaginal area. There will be no need for toys or even prolonged foreplay. Your penis will be the only tool you need to be adequate in bed!

The first benefit of using a Jes Extender is that it enters nothing foreign into the body. Penis pills have a reputation for adding artificial ingredients which is very bad for your arteries and metabolism. Bogging down your body will cause nausea and occasional headaches. Even the pills that claim success almost always provide nothing more than a firm erection. Male enhancement is about much more than erections, as the desired effect is actually gaining length. The fact that nothing is swallowed and digested makes for a safe experience without the risk of side effects.

Another benefit to users is the length that can be gained. Scientists and physicians from the respected Men’s Health Customer Journal agree that upon using a Jes Extender device, roughly a 28% increase in size can be seen. This is incredible considering other solutions focus solely on just keeping an erection. Penile tissue acts like muscles in your body, allowing workouts and eventually a tougher exterior. This allows increased blood flow to the penis, which obviously makes your libido larger.

There are other sexual benefits to using Jes Extender. When you wear the extension device, you are causing increased blood flow to your penis. This is why most men using penis extender devices report firmer, longer-lasting erections. Erection firmness is one of the key elements to sexual adequacy. In the long run, a penis extender can also make sure you do not experience early impotence. This is because the increased circulation and new cell growth improve your penis’s health.


Even though men use Jes Extender to become better in bed, there are a lot of other benefits to penis extension. With your large, hard erections, you can make sure that you stay a top performer in the long run. Learn more at